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Kaum ein Bereich des Körpers ist so zart wie der Hals. Trage Ketten voller Stolz und schmücke diesen besonders eleganten Bereich mit feinsten Materialien. 


Kaum ein Bereich des Körpers ist so zart wie der Hals. Trage Ketten voller Stolz und schmücke diesen besonders eleganten Bereich mit feinsten Materialien. 

Discover the Exquisite Craftsmanship of Whiteflakes Jewellery

Whiteflakes is a distinguished jewellery label that prides itself on offering an exquisite range of pieces made exclusively from gold-vermeil and silver-rhodiniert. This commitment to quality sets us apart, ensuring that our jewelry not only exudes luxury but also boasts unparalleled durability. In this article, we'll delve into the reasons why gold-vermeil and silver-rhodiniert are superior to normal plated silver and shed light on the sustainable practices that underpin our brand.

The Whiteflakes Difference:

At Whiteflakes, we exclusively use gold-vermeil and silver-rhodiniert to craft our jewelry. These materials offer a level of quality and longevity that surpasses traditional silver plating. Gold-vermeil is a process where a thick layer of gold is bonded to sterling silver, creating a piece that combines the elegance of gold with the durability of silver. Similarly, silver-rhodiniert involves applying a layer of rhodium, a precious metal, to the surface of silver, providing enhanced durability, resistance to tarnish, and a brilliant white finish. This ensures that our jewelry not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time.

The Superiority of Gold-Vermeil and Silver-Rhodiniert:

Compared to normal plated silver, gold-vermeil and silver-rhodiniert offer several distinct advantages. Firstly, they boast a significantly thicker layer of precious metal, ensuring that the piece maintains its luster and beauty over time. This means that Whiteflakes jewelry is more resistant to wear, making it suitable for everyday wear without losing its shine.

Additionally, the use of gold-vermeil and silver-rhodiniert elevates our jewelry to the highest quality available at an affordable price point. This allows us to provide our customers with exceptional pieces that combine luxury and accessibility, ensuring that they receive exceptional value for their investment.

Sustainable Sourcing and Production:

At Whiteflakes, sustainability is at the core of our brand philosophy. We source our precious metals from esteemed suppliers in Italy and France, where up to 100% of the materials are recycled. This not only minimizes our environmental footprint but also ensures that each piece carries a unique story of responsible sourcing.

Furthermore, all our jewelry is meticulously assembled and designed in Innsbruck, Austria. This localized production allows us to closely oversee every step of the process, guaranteeing the highest quality craftsmanship while adhering to sustainable practices. By choosing Whiteflakes, you're not only acquiring a stunning piece of jewelry but also supporting ethical and environmentally-conscious production.

Thoughtful Packaging for a Greener Future:

To further minimize our environmental impact, our packaging is sourced from Italy, in close proximity to Innsbruck. This strategic choice of location ensures shorter transportation distances, reducing carbon emissions associated with shipping. We believe that every aspect of our brand, from creation to delivery, should reflect our commitment to sustainability.


Whiteflakes is more than just a jewelry label; it's a testament to the fusion of exquisite craftsmanship, sustainable practices, and unmatched quality. By choosing Whiteflakes, you're investing in a piece of jewelry that not only adorns you with beauty but also reflects your values of sustainability and uncompromising quality. Discover our unique collections today and become a part of the Whiteflakes legacy.




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